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Collie Builders - Complete Interior Painting - 4 B...
Collie Builders - Complete Interior Painting - 4 B...
  • Latham, NY
  • Auction ID: 887755
  • Retail value: $15,000.00
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G&M Automotive - 2015 Chevrolet Cruze 2LT
G&M Automotive - 2015 Chevrolet Cruze 2LT
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NeoFillBids has Auction Sites Running in:

NeoFillBids Online Auction Platform

Online auctions present a brand new revenue stream offering local businesses a risk-free opportunity to showcase and sell their item(s)/service(s) in exchange for an amazing promotional package from your media company.

Secure & Easy to Use

NeoFill offers a high-quality, secure, easy-to-use platform on a high performance system that is ready to handle heavy site traffic.

NeoFillBids provides the ability to solicit hard goods and services from a wide variety of merchant categories to generate additional revenue from the sale of these goods and services. Our experienced team is waiting to help and will provide guidance and strategic planning to create a successful experience for you and your clients! We offer a full suite of online tools to assist in populating items, tracking bids and managing sales on your custom auction site.

Employing the NeoFillBids auction platform will allow you to showcase the influence you have on your audience by selling your clients’ goods and services for them! After a client sees that you can actually sell what they offer, how could they say ‘no’ to consider your traditional products?

We have the tools for your success

Sales reporting, web analytics, newsletters are just a few of the many powerful tools we include free of charge in our services.

On Demand vouchers

Keep customers happy by allowing them to print out auction vouchers at home instantly!

Buy It Now option

Allows customers to pay a premium to buy an auction item instantly instead of waiting for the auction to end.



Complement other digital marketing programs with something new


Engage your listeners, viewers, and readers with an interactive product


Create new opportunities to do more with existing clients


Activate new clients who have said 'no' to traditional marketing

Topline Features!

350+ Categories Available

Choose from select custom categories to highlight your clients in a special

Administrative Access

Custom dashboard to give you “at a glance” stance on your auctions. Site content, sales porting, voucher approval, and much are readily at your fingertips via your admin panel at any time!

AE Level Accounts

Easily manage your auction by providing each of your sellers their own personal account to add items, vouchers, and review live sales reporting.

Analytics & Live Reporting

Customized dashboard allows you to view detailed stats and online reporting available for live sales updates.

Auction Site Setup

Our Experienced team waiting to help and has all the tools for strategic planning and setting up your promotions the way you want. We create a custom auction site that you can brand with your colors and more!

Buy It Now

The Buy It Now feature allows you to purchase the item right away at a set price without waiting for the auction to close.

Buyer's Premium

In an effort to bring the best items possible the site is charging a buyer's premium. This additional charge is a percentage of the winning bid and will help cover the cost of the auction

Delivery Voucher Options

Unlike our competitors, we offer a wide range of choices of the vouchers you sell. We act as printer, storehouse, mailer and more!

Email Marketing

Building and growing an auction base coupled with robust custom emails to promote your auction are just a few ways we help to reinforce all of your efforts to drive up the bidding in your auction.

Extended Bidding

If, in the last minutes before the auction closes a new bid is placed, the bidding time for that particular item will be extended 5 additional minutes. Each time a bid is placed, the bidding time will be extended until no new bids are placed.

Fast & Simple Uploading

Add items to your auction site when it is convenient for you using the online setup form. No HTML experience required. Our interface is quick and easy to use.

Fast Turnaround

We provide fast turnarounds, with fulfillment completed within 24-48 hours from the time an order was placed.

High Volume Environment

Our high performance system is ready to handle a high traffic site, with it's streamlined check-out process to it’s ability to reserve items being checked out.

Mobile & Social

Our sites are mobile responsive to make it easy to browse, bid, and buy. Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter integration are also included for sharing auction items through social networking

Proxy Bidding

This feature allows bidders to place the maximum amount that they are willing to pay for an item. The seller and other bidders do not know the maximum bid amount.

Sales Reporting & Analytics

Keep tabs on your ROI with these easy to use reporting features. View and download them any time from the admin login. View live analytics by providing your Google or similar tracking code to NeoFill.

Same Day Pay

This feature allows the bidder to enter their credit card information as they register on the site. After winning the item they will have the remainder of the day to make manual payment. All items that remain unpaid for at the end of the day will be charged to the credit card on file.

Superior Customer Service

We manage BOTH customer services for media partners as well as purchasers of certificates via a toll-free number.

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