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NeoFillBids Online Auction Platform

Online auctions present a brand new revenue stream offering local businesses a risk-free opportunity to showcase and sell their item(s)/service(s) in exchange for an amazing promotional package from your media company.

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NeoFill offers a high-quality, secure, easy-to-use platform on a high performance system that is ready to handle heavy site traffic.

NeoFillBids provides the ability to solicit hard goods and services from a wide variety of merchant categories to generate additional revenue from the sale of these goods and services. Our experienced team is waiting to help and will provide guidance and strategic planning to create a successful experience for you and your clients! We offer a full suite of online tools to assist in populating items, tracking bids and managing sales on your custom auction site.

Employing the NeoFillBids auction platform will allow you to showcase the influence you have on your audience by selling your clients’ goods and services for them! After a client sees that you can actually sell what they offer, how could they say ‘no’ to consider your traditional products?

Why Should You Choose NeoFill?

Complement other digital marketing programs with something new

Engage your listeners, viewers and readers with an interactive product

Create new opportunities to do more with existing clients

Activate new clients who have said 'no' to traditional advertising

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